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Vos avis sur nos vélos : pourquoi nos clients adorent les vélos Ampler

Découvrez pourquoi tant de personnes choisissent Ampler pour électrifier leurs trajets quotidiens.

Témoignages (en anglais)

Frank Ampler Hawk

"Ampler has done what I longed for, namely to bring together function and design."

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Marius Ampler Hawk

"Doesn’t matter if it rains or if it’s cold — I just cannot resist riding my Ampler!"

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Tina Ampler Stellar

"I was initially sceptical about e-bikes. But then I took a ride with Ampler and it was like a turbo drive - t...

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Carsten Ampler Curt

“For me, a bicycle is an everyday object that has to be reliable and make my life richer and lighter. Ampler...

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Yves Ampler Curt

"The way to the office and back have become highlights of the day for me. There is no faster way to get from A...

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