Cycle worry-free with Ampler

All the services for a great experience with your e-bike.

We ensure that everything runs smoothly from purchasing an Ampler online to riding it every day for years.

As light & easy to use as a regular bike

With all electronics hidden in the frame, Ampler looks just like a regular bicycle so you don’t need to worry about your bike drawing too much attention when you park it outside.

14-day free returns

If you’re not happy with your bike, you can return it for free within 14 days of receiving it and get a refund.

2-year warranty

All Ampler bikes have a 2-year warranty on all original components, electronics and battery. Frame and fork have a 5-year extended warranty. Should anything break, you are covered.

Official service partners in Europe

If there are any problems with your Ampler bike, you can get it fixed at our official service partners in Berlin, Munich, Hannover and Frankfurt. If you don’t live near our service centres, we will pick up your bike from your door and bring it back to you as soon as our mechanics have repaired your bike. Regular maintenance can be completed by any professional bike shop.

Over the air updates

With our smart over-the-air updates, the firmware inside your bike will always stay up to date. This means that even years after buying an Ampler, you will still have the best possible riding experience with your bike.

Frequently asked questions
What should I do if something breaks on my Ampler bike during the 2-year warranty period?

First, fill in a warranty case which helps us diagnose the issue. If the issue can easily be fixed by your local bike shop, we will send you all the necessary spare parts and detailed instructions that you can hand over to your local bike mechanic. If the issue needs to be fixed by Ampler mechanics, we will organise a pick-up of your bike from your door, repair the bike, and return it to you.

You don’t need to worry about any extra costs — Ampler covers all warranty related costs, such as spare parts, bike repair, home pickup and delivery.

What should I do if something breaks on my Ampler bike after the warranty period has ended?

If anything happens to your bike after the 2-year warranty period, please first contact us — we will help find the best solution for you.

For example:
- If anything happens to spare parts, you can buy necessary replacements either from us or from your local bike shop.
- If anything happens to the electronics, you can buy the necessary parts from us (including a replacement battery which costs 350€) and let your local bike shop repair the bicycle.
- In case of replacing the battery, we will send you all the necessary instructions that you can hand over to your local bike mechanic. If your local bike shop is unable to fix the broken electronics, we will pick up your bike and replace the electronics ourselves. In this case, the pickup is paid by the customer and mechanic work is paid by Ampler Bikes.

PS! We sell spare parts and replacement batteries only to our official customers based on the bike’s certificate number. This helps us catch any stolen bikes and prevent selling spare parts to bicycle thieves.

If something happens with the battery, can any bike shop replace it?

Yes, the frame and the battery are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop can remove the battery and replace it with a new one in one hour.

Does Ampler e-bike require any special care?

Maintaining an Ampler is just like maintaining a regular bicycle and all professional bike shops can do it. You should clean and maintain your bike regularly after every 3000 km ridden or at least twice a year. Maintaining your Ampler regularly will keep it riding for a lot longer and will give you more range compared to a bike which has empty tires and running brakes.

Read more about how to take care of your bike

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