Ampler E-Bike Test-Riding in Zurich

Feel the joy of riding an electric bike — test ride Ampler bikes in Zurich for free.

Athletic and lightweight city e-bike with a sporty geometry, making the ride feel firm and highly responsive – just like a true racer.

  • Single-speed / 10-speed
  • 13.5 - 14.3 kg
  • 70 km range

Strong and modern commuter e-bike with the support and comfort you’d expect from a fast city bike. Available in diamond frame.

  • 10-speed
  • 17.2 kg
  • 70 km range

Modern commuter e-bike with the comfort and flexibility of a city bike. Available in step-through frame.

  • 10-speed
  • 17.2 kg
  • 70 km range

Ampler is a light e-bike for urban commuters

Hidden battery

Ampler e-bike looks just like a normal bicycle, but it comes with integrated superpowers. The battery is hidden in the frame, the motor is practically invisible and there are no complex screens.


Super lightweight

Ampler e-bikes weigh only between 13.5 – 17.2 kg. They are easy to pick up and carry if needed, making it a perfect companion in everyday city life.

Average range 70 km

The range is between 45-100 km and charging the bike from empty to full takes 2.5 hours. If you run out of battery, you can continue cycling like you normally would on a regular bicycle.


Designed for the city streets

The integrated front and rear lights make you visible in the dark, the reliable disc brakes keep you safe in city traffic and the puncture-protected tires make it almost impossible to get a flat tire.

Smooth, smart and safe

Ampler e-bikes are equipped with a smart torque sensor that makes motor support intuitive and dynamic. You have a window into your bike via Ampler mobile app where you can change the assist levels and track your rides.


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