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Warranty & Repairs

Warranty & Repairs

General conditions for Ampler Bikes Warranty

Regular Warranty

All Ampler bikes have a 2-year limited warranty period, starting from the date of delivery, on all original components ( handlebar, power panel), electronics (motor, controller) and battery. All the bicycle components are guaranteed against manufacturing defects (materials and workmanship).

During the respective warranty period, Ampler Bikes is liable for replacing or repairing the components subject to the warranty. 

The repair or the replacement of a defective bike is handled by Ampler Bikes, by either covering the repair costs incurred using a professional bicycle workshop of the customer’s choice, having the bike repaired in our Service Centres or by transporting the bike to Ampler Bikes’ own workshops at our cost

We will instruct you regarding the repairs procedure after we have received your notification of a defect. The defective component will be replaced with another original component or with another equivalent component.

Please note that Ampler may refuse covering the repair costs in case you have repaired the bike without a prior notification and authorisation. This is because not all workshops have the necessary tools and parts for a correct repair. Moreover, non-authorized repairs hinder our ability to review the defect and decide whether it falls under the warranty.

Ampler Bikes is your contact for all defects and will handle the processing of the damages. We always try our best to find the easiest and fastest solution so you have your Ampler Bike back quickly and ready to ride.

Extended Warranty

Ampler offers an extended warranty of 5 years from the date of delivery to the frame and fork of the bike. Other components (such as components attached to the frame and fork) are not covered under the extended warranty. Please note that the exclusion listed in our terms and conditions also apply to this extended warranty (such as mechanical wear and crash damages).


For further information, see Ampler Bikes Terms & Conditions

Where is the warranty valid?

The warranty is valid in all countries we ship to: the European Union, Norway, Switzerland and United Kingdom with the exception of EU outermost regions and UK crown dependencies.

Warranty on battery

The battery is considered defective if, within the 2-year warranty period, the remaining capacity of the battery becomes less than 70% of the original capacity. The capacity will be tested by a battery capacity analyser at Ampler service points.

Warranty and delivery damages

In case your bike has been damaged during delivery, please take photos of the damages and notify us immediately after the arrival of the shipment (within one week). If you receive a clearly damaged box or a box transported sideways, we suggest you to refuse accepting the delivery overall.

When informing us about the delivery damages, we require to see a proof of purchase and a record of the damages (either on a photo or a best possible alternative proof).

Contact us about delivery damages

How to request warranty repairs?

If any damages occur due to the fault of materials or workmanship during the 2-year regular warranty period or 5-year extended period (for frame and fork only), you must immediately inform us via this Warranty form.  

In case damages have occurred, the bike should not be used before repair. Customers are kindly asked for the most detailed description possible about the issue and photo and/or video materials if possible.

Report your Warranty request here

Can I request a replacement bike?

In order to reduce waste, we will always aim to restore a damaged bike to its original condition. Within the 2-year warranty period we will only replace your bike if the repair costs exceed the replacement costs.

When does warranty not apply?

The warranty does not cover improper maintenance or the subsequent installation of extras. The warranty is void in the event of modifications, installation errors during assembly or improper intervention in the motor, sensors or battery. If the claim is found to be unjustified, we offer a cost-effective replacement.

Warranty does not apply to damages caused by crashes or by your failure to follow the Ampler Bikes manual. The warranty may be declined also in case the damages were caused by using the bike after any damages had occurred.

Please also note that the above describes the sole remedies in case of a defect under this warranty. Specifically, no cash refunds are offered in case of defects under this warranty.

The Ampler bicycle insurance covers damages through crashes, vandalism and theft.

What is not covered by the warranty?

The warranty does not cover subsequent repair costs or the subsequent installation of extras.

Ampler e-bikes come with certain wear and tear parts, which are carefully selected from other manufacturers and which don’t fall under the Ampler warranty in case of normal wear and tear. 

The normal wear and tear for each component is following:

  • Grips and bar tape – Compression, abrasion and contamination
  • Tires – Tread, sidewall, or bead wear
  • Pedals – Mechanical wear due to engagement and disengagement, worn out bearings
  • Saddle – Abrasion and wear from falls and general use, and contamination from water and dirt
  • Chainrings and chain – Mechanical wear between chain and chainrings
  • Brake pads – Abrasion between brake pad and braking surface
  • Bottom bracket – Wear of bottom bracket bearings
  • Headset – Wear of head bearings
  • Rims – Excessive impact on uneven roads
  • Hubs – Worn out bearings and rotating parts (i.e. freehub body)
  • Belt and belt sprockets – Mechanical wear between belt and sprockets
  • Mechanical wear – Includes colour coating

These components are subject to inevitably normal wear and tear. As these parts sooner or later reach the end of their service life, the normal level of wear is dependent on time, the care taken and maintenance used by you and subject to their exposure to rain and water, dirt and mud, sand and dust. 

Please note that the above parts are subject to the Ampler warranty in case their service life on your bikes is shorter than is deemed normal by the manufacturer of the respective part.

To avoid excessive wear and resulting damages, make sure to have your bike checked regularly by a professional bike shop.

Read further about how to take care and maintain your bike in the Ampler E-Bike Maintenance Guide.

What to do if my Ampler gets damaged after warranty has ended?

In case the warranty request is submitted more than two years from the date of delivery, you must be able to prove that the damages occurred before expiry of the warranty period. Please note that if any damages occur due to the fault of materials or workmanship during the guarantee period, Ampler Bikes should be informed immediately. In case damages have occurred, the bike should not be used before repair.

If anything happens to your bike after the 2-year warranty period, please first contact us — we will help find the best solution for you.

For example:

  • If anything happens to spare parts, you can buy necessary replacements either from us or from your local bike shop.
  • If anything happens to the electronics, you can buy the necessary parts from us (including a replacement battery which costs ca. 350€) and let your local bike shop repair the bicycle.
  • In case of replacing the battery, we will send you all the necessary instructions that you can hand over to your local bike mechanic. The process will not take longer than an hour. If your local bike shop is unable to fix the broken electronics, we will pick up your bike and replace the electronics ourselves. In this case, the pickup is paid by the customer and mechanic work is paid by Ampler Bikes.

PS! We sell spare parts and replacement batteries only to customers whose name in our system fits the frame number or who owns the original paperwork. This helps us catch any stolen bikes and prevent selling spare parts to bicycle thieves.

What to do if my Ampler gets stolen?

Anti-theft tips: 

  • First, in order to avoid your bike getting stolen, we recommend using a solid lock. You can add an ABUS Bordo 6000 lock to your order when buying your Ampler. 
  • Never park your bike in overcrowded or isolated places. Make sure to lock your bike tightly onto a fixed object. 
  • Consider buying an Ampler bike insurance along with the bike or up to two years after purchase, which covers theft, damages and vandalism.

If the bike gets stolen:

  1. Report the theft at your local police.
  2. Send us the frame number of your stolen bike. This will alert us when someone tries to get any service with the stolen bike. We will switch off the Bluetooth ID of your bike, so that the thief wouldn’t be able to use the bike with the motor support.
  3. If you have bought Ampler bike insurance, we will start the process of providing you with a replacement bike.

OUR POLICY IN GENERAL: Extras and all Ampler-specific technology such as motor, battery, sensor and controllers can be sold only to a person who has the bike certificate or an order confirmation (either from Ampler or previous owner). In general we ask for the serial number on all bike-related service requests. 

When someone contacts us requesting service for a stolen bike:

  1. We will inform the original owner and ask him/her for a copy of the police report
  2. We will contact the police with the report number and hand out all available details we have
  3. We will continue to work with police the best we can

What we can’t do:

  • We are not allowed to forward any data from the previous owner nor the existing owner to each other, due the data protection laws
  • We can’t help with filing a police report after the bike gets stolen
  • We can’t help if there is no police report

Keep your bike safe!

Do you offer bike insurance?

Ampler Bikes offers bike insurance from Inzmo. The insurance covers your Ampler e-bike for all most common damages that may happen to your bicycle, including: 

  • theft 
  • damages from an accident
  • falls and crashes
  • damage from vandalism

Read more about Inzmo insurance

Warranty & Repairs

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