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Ampler motor

All Ampler bikes have a small geared hub drive with a brushless DC Aikema motor, branded by Ampler. Brushless DC motors mean, that there are no brushes between the stator and the rotor. This makes the motor efficient and means that there are no wear parts in need of replacement, making it essentially service-free

The motor has a nominal power output of 250 W. The peak power output of the motor is about 400 W. The motor is compliant with all European regulations.

Operating the motor requires sophisticated electric systems. We’ve custom-developed a control board, which ensures smooth and quiet operation even at high power levels. The hub motor includes double gear reduction which allows it to offer a maximum torque of 40 Nm at a motor diameter of just 120 mm, making for a high power-to-weight ratio while keeping the looks inconspicuous.

What is a torque sensor?

Ampler bikes are pedelecs and they have sensors regulating the motor, measuring the speed and your own input. Therefore, the bike is easy to use and the motor power is controlled according to your own pedalling force. This creates a safe and smooth riding experience.

Is there any motor resistance?

The motor has a built-in free-wheel, which means that there’s no resistance from the motor when the motor is not helping (for example, when your battery is empty or when you’re going faster than the assistance speed limit you’ve set).

Does the motor recuperate energy?

No, it does not.

How does the motor assist work?

The bikes have automatic electric assist – the bike is constantly measuring how hard you pedal and regulates the torque using that information. You can change the motor settings from the smartphone application when you’re connected to your bike via Bluetooth.


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