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Integrated Lights

Ampler Integrated bike lights

All Ampler e-bikes come with bright integrated lights that illuminate your path in the dark and ensure that you are seen in the traffic. 

Integrated headlight

All Ampler e-bikes have an extra bright headlight that gives you the best view ahead, whether at night or in the fog. We use a headlight of type IQ2 Eyc from Busch + Müller attached to the fork with wiring inside the frame. 

Integrated rear light

At the rear, all Ampler e-bikes have five red LightSkin LED lights which are integrated directly into the seat post. The power is supplied by the integrated battery inside your Ampler. 

All Ampler e-bikes have integrated front and rear lights.


If you wish to change the lights on your Ampler, read more under Can I replace the lights on my Ampler

Legal requirements for e-bike lights

The lights on Ampler e-bikes are fully StVZO certified (Straßenverkehrs-Zulassungs-Ordnung or German Regulations Authorising the Use of Vehicles for Road Traffic). German law requires the light to be, among other, to properly illuminate the path you are steering onto, for it to be non-blinding toward oncoming traffic and for you to be visible from all sides. All of our E-Bikes adhere to these laws.  

Switching the lights on and off

Depending on local law, most European countries require you to switch on the bike lights of your Ampler as soon as the sun goes down. You can do this either by pressing the power button on the bike for 1 second or by using the Ampler mobile app.

Charging the lights

You don’t need to charge the lights separately. The lights get their power from the main battery and are charged when the bike is charged. 

Using the lights without the motor support

If you set the assist mode to 0 in the Ampler mobile app, you can ride with only the lights on and without any motor support.

If you run out of battery, you can use the lights for about 2 hours after the motor-support has been switched off.

Does my Ampler have any reflectors?

Yes, all Ampler e-bikes come with:

  • white front reflector
  • red large area reflector
  • two yellow spoke reflectors
  • two yellow reflectors on each pedal
  • two white reflective strips on the tires for Stout and Stellar

The reflectors come as required by German law (StVZO).

Integrated Lights

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