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How to choose an electric bike?

Wondering which e-bike to choose? Which battery capacity and engine type suit you best? Need a city bike, racing bike or mountain bike? What criteria should be considered?

To make things clearer, we have put together a simple guide to e-bike motors and electronics.

Learn here about e-bike electronics and motors.

What is the right model size for me?

Check our frame size guide to get the best estimate.

Frame size guide
Should I get the single-speed belt drive or the 10-gear configuration for Curt?

Single-speed belt drive

The Gates Carbon Drive belt system makes your Curt lightweight and quiet. In addition to the exceptional look, the belt drive is clean, durable, maintenance-free and quiet. Carbon fibres give the belt drive a longer lifespan compared to a conventional chain.

The single-speed belt drive is the one for you if you live in a mostly flat area where the climbs are either short or not very steep.


10-gear configuration

In need of extra gears for your daily rides? The 10-speed configuration gives you all the options to choose from when you next tackle a hill. This setup includes the high-quality Shimano M6000 derailleur with the M6000 10-speed shifter.

The 10-gear configuration is the one for you if you live in a very hilly area where your rides involve long and steep climbs.

Can I attach a trailer to my bike?

There are many options to choose from when selecting a bike trailer. Most trailers are typically attached with a seat tube-mounted hitch or with a rear axle hitch.

Frame-mounted hitches allow easy attachment of the trailer to different bicycle designs. When using the frame-mounted hitch, make sure that the frame angles accommodate the hitch and that you can pedal freely with the trailer attached.

Axle hitches are the most commonly used type of hitch. As Ampler bikes have a rear motor, the number of axle hitches that suit is limited. The rear axle of all Ampler bikes is fixed to the motor. The axle has a diameter of 12 mm and a thread of M12x1.25. If an adapter is modified accordingly, it might be possible to mount it to our bikes. Always take proper care when mounting any additional equipment in order not to damage the motor cable or any other part of the bike.

You can find a rear axle adapter designed for attaching Thule trailer mounts available in our online shop. This adapter fits the Ampler rear motor axle and allows installing a Thule trailer hitch. The Ampler Thule trailer mount is suitable for the models Curt, Stout and Stellar. It is not compatible with the Hawk, Bilberry or Pennon.

The assembly guide for the cargo adapter for Thule trailers is available below:

1. Remove the nut from the left side of the rear dropout, located next to the motor. Do not remove the  motor torque washer from the dropout–keep it attached to the axle.
2. Attach the Ampler motor axle adapter to the frame. Use a 19 mm wrench and make sure the axle adapter is securely fastened.
3. Finally, insert the two security washers, Thule trailer mount and fasten them by using a 15 mm wrench to tighten the outside bolt.


Tyre size and tyre pressure

You will find the correct tyre size in the specifications on your bike model’s page.

Here’s a short overview of the sizes:

2016-2017 models

  • Hawk (Ladies’ and Men’s): 35–622 mm
  • Bilberry (Ladies’ and Men’s): 47–622 mm
  • Pennon (Ladies’ and Men’s): 47–622 mm

2018 models

  • Curt: 32–622 mm
  • Stout: 47–622 mm
  • Stellar: 47–622 mm

2019-2020 models

  • Curt: 32–622 mm
  • Stout: 42–622 mm
  • Stellar: 42–622 mm

We recommend using either Continental or Schwalbe tyres. The frame geometry is meant to fit the sizes listed above, and we don’t recommend any tyres that are wider.

If you want to use tyres with spikes or with a stronger pattern, make sure they properly fit your bike before riding.

We recommend checking tyre pressure regularly. You can find the recommended pressure on the side walls of your tyres.

Can I have a higher handlebar?

The handlebars assembled on the bikes are by default the only ones we provide. We do not provide nor recommend using any other handlebars on our bikes. The handlebars come in standard sizes and can’t be adjusted any higher.

The geometry and components of the bikes are designed and chosen to provide the most ergonomic position for each bike model, where the upper body – from hands and arms up to the lower back – supports the load of the entire body, thus providing the most optimum riding position.

Having a higher handlebar and a more upright position would transfer more vibration to your spinal cord and increase the risk of injuries.

Can I have different integrated lights on my Ampler?

The Busch+Müller EYC E front lights have an integrated power supply of 6 V DC and a limited current supply of 0.5 A. The lights are connected by custom-developed connectors, added to the bike upon assembly.

Installing lights that are more powerful than that is not possible. They wouldn’t be able to work at their full brightness due to insufficient power supply, and overload may lead to failure of the motor controller unit.

Installing any other integrated light set will void warranty on the motor controller unit – we will not offer any technical support to aid the installation or repairs in these cases.

The original setup of Busch+Müller EYC E and the Lightskin 5-LED seatpost rear light is the brightest set of lights currently approved for our bikes.

Why does Curt not have a kickstand or a carrier?

The Curt is designed to be fast and lightweight, stripped of all excess. Adding a kickstand or a carrier would have meant compromising on weight and looks and making the bike look and feel bulkier, and that is just not what the Curt’s personality is all about.

The Curt is equipped with everything you need to hit the streets, including lights, mudguards and puncture-proof tyres, while keeping the rest at a minimum.

What is the maximum weight load?

The total maximum weight load is 120 kg, which includes the rider and any additional load.

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