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Customising Ampler

Customising your Ampler e-bike

Customisation options

We offer limited customisation options for our e-bikes, such as choosing between different frame sizes (for all bikes), colours (for Stout and Stellar) and drivetrain (for Curt). 

Additional colour choices, suspension forks or alternative grips and saddles are not available through us. A suspension fork does not fit on any of our models, but we have chosen wider tyres for comfort. A higher handlebar is not possible, read more here.

The reason for not offering full customisation is that we aim to build bikes that are street-ready from day one. Every bike component is handpicked for quality and all our e-bikes are designed and built with that philosophy in mind.

You can of course equip your e-bike with extras on your own, a local bike shop will certainly help you to get the accessories you need.

If you would like to make any changes to the electronics, please first read our Terms & Conditions and contact us for further questions and recommendations. 

Please note that modifying the electronics can cause severe problems or even a complete breakdown of your bike. Warranty is voided in case of modification, improper assembly or incorrect maintenance of electronics.

Attaching a trailer to your e-bike

You can either use a seat tube mounted hitch or an axle hitch for attaching a trailer. We sell an adapter that fits most Thule, Burley and Croozer trailers. You can add it as an extra when buying your bike on our webshop

If you are specifically looking to attach a different trailer, please contact the manufacturer and refer to our axle thread size of M12x1.25. Our adapter fits all hitches made for M10.

Always take proper care when mounting any additional equipment in order not to damage the motor cable or any other part of the bike. Please note that the adapter is not compatible with our older models Hawk, Bilberry or Pennon.

In this video we show you how to install the adapter:

How to install the trailer adapter:

  1. Remove the nut from the left side of the rear drop-out. Do not remove the black washer from the rear dropout – keep it on the axle.
  2. Attach the adapter to the axle. Use a 19 mm wrench and make sure that the adapter is properly secured.
  3. Remove the topmost bolt on the adapter with a 13 mm wrench, leave the two silver washers on top of the adapter.
  4. Finally, use the bolt to fasten the trailer hitch onto the adapter.

By the way: If you want to use a bike trailer on your Ampler e-bike, it needs its own rear light to be in compliance with the law.

Mounting the ABUS Bordo 6000 bike lock

The bike lock that we offer in our webshop is the ABUS Bordo 6000 (color: black, weight: 1,030g, length: 90 cm).

The ABUS Bordo 6000 is a strong lock with 5 mm hardened steel bars and has the ABUS security level 10 out of 15, which is accepted by the Ampler insurance to be sufficiently safe. The steel bars are covered with soft material to prevent damage to the paint on the bike. The lock comes with two keys and a code card with which you can reorder keys directly at ABUS.

If you order the lock along with your bike, it will be shipped to you separately. The lock comes with a lock bracket, which can be attached to the bike either with screws or Velcro straps.

Our bikes have bottle cage mounts, onto which you can screw the lock bracket. If you instead use the Velcro straps, please make sure that it does not interfere with pedalling and is safely attached without danger of slipping. We suggest screwing the bracket onto the frame for safety reasons.

Replacing the lights on your Ampler

The front light from Busch+Müller and the LED seat post from LightSKIN have a power supply of 6 V and a limited 0.5 A current supply. The lights are connected to our 48 V circuit via specially developed plug connections. They are fully road legal.

Installing lights that are brighter than that is not possible. This would overload the system, which may sooner or later lead to failure of the motor controller unit.

The same can occur when installing other lights if they are fed by the system. Therefore, our warranty no longer applies if the system itself is modified. Of course, this does not apply to battery-powered lights.

Changing the handlebar of your Ampler

The handlebars and stem assembled on the bikes are by default the only ones we provide.

The geometry and components of the bikes are designed and chosen to provide the most ergonomic position for each bike model and respective frame size, where the load of the entire body is evenly balanced, thus providing the most optimal riding position. Mounting a steeper stem or a higher handlebar will not automatically lead to more comfort but instead to a less agile and thus shakier steering behaviour.

If you are considering our Curt model, but want a higher seating position, more comfort and more features, take a look at our Stout and Stellar models instead. We also recommend a longer test ride on the right frame size for you to get a reliable impression of the model.

Why doesn’t Curt have a kickstand or a carrier?

The Ampler Curt e-bike is designed to be fast and lightweight, stripped of all excess. Adding a kickstand or a carrier would have meant compromising on weight and looks and making the bike look and feel bulkier, and that is just not what the Curt’s personality is all about.

Ampler Curt is equipped with everything you need to hit the streets, including lights, mudguards and puncture-proof tires, while keeping the rest at a minimum.

A rear carrier and kickstand can be attached to our Curt anyhow, a local bike shop can help you find the right product.

Changing the tyres: What is the correct tyre size for my Ampler e-bike?

If you want to change the tyres of your Ampler bike, here a short overview of the sizes we use on our bike models:

Models 2016-2017

  • Hawk (ladies and men): 35-622 mm
  • Bilberry (ladies and men): 47-622 mm
  • Pennon (ladies and men): 47-622 mm

Models 2018

  • Curt: 32-622 mm
  • Stout: 47-622 mm
  • Stellar: 47-622 mm

Models 2019-2020

  • Curt: 32-622 mm
  • Stout: 42-622 mm
  • Stellar: 42-622 mm

The frame geometry fits the above mentioned sizes and we would not recommend other tyres.

If you want to use tyres with studs or a stronger tread, make sure they fit properly before you start riding.

Customising Ampler

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