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Ampler E-Bike Integrated Battery

Ampler e-bikes are equipped with long-lasting lithium-ion batteries from LG, with which you can ride 45-100 km with one charge. It is well hidden so that your e-bike looks like a normal bicycle without a visible and bulky battery.

Battery position

The battery is built into the frame, into the downtube. This is practical, invisible and well protected from external influences. It is inserted through a lockable opening on the bottom bracket shell. It can be removed in case of service, read more about it here.

The battery inside the Ampler e-bike is hidden in the downtube of the frame

What is the Ampler e-bike range?

The Ampler electric bike range is 70 km on average

You can increase your Ampler e-bike battery range up to 100 km by lowering the motor support. At full power, you can use the motor support for around 40 to 50 km before you need to recharge your Ampler. There is no resistance from the motor if you run out of battery and you can ride it like any other bike.
Please note that a lot of factors play into the range of an e-bike battery. Among these are the weather, total weight, tyre pressure, frequency of starts and stops and many more.

The extended range with a lighter battery is possible thanks to the high-quality LG battery, the light weight of the bike in total and the efficient control technology of the motor.

What is the battery capacity?

The Ampler electric bike battery capacity is 336 Wh. The entire circuit operates at 48 V — that’s more than most e-bikes. 

By using higher nominal voltage, same power output can be achieved at lower currents and therefore lowering heat losses. This means that at the same capacity, Ampler bikes have more range and a longer battery life overall.

How to charge the e-bike battery?

Charging your e-bike battery is very easy — simply use the charger that comes with your Ampler bike. Your Ampler has a magnetic plug for connection to the charger. You only need to connect the cable to a standard socket (110–240 V AC). For orders to the UK, we deliver our charger with an UK-plug (Type G).

You cannot remove the battery from the bike for charging, which means you have to charge the bike next to a power outlet. 

You should charge your Ampler e-bike after about every 70km with the Ampler charger.


How long do I have to charge the e-bike battery?

Charging the Ampler e-bike battery takes up to 2.5 hours for a full charge. One hour of charging gives you approximately 30 km of range. 


What happens when I run out of battery?

Once the battery goes empty, you can just continue riding your Ampler pedelec like you would on a normal bike. Thanks to an in-built mechanical freehub inside the motor, you will not feel any resistance when pedalling without motor support.


How to track how much battery I have left?  

You can see the state of charge by the colour of the Power button:

75 – 100% =  Green

50 – 75%   =  Transition from green to yellow

10 – 50%   =  Transition from yellow to red

0 – 10% =  Blinking red

What’s the e-bike battery lifetime?

Ampler e-bike battery life is around 600 full charging cycles. This corresponds to approximately 40,000 km. After 40,000 km ridden, the battery still has about 70% of its original capacity. 

You can increase your Ampler electric bike battery life by proper e-bike battery maintenance.

Can the battery be removed or repaired?

Yes, it is possible to replace the hidden battery of your Ampler in case of service. The frame and the battery are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop is able to remove the battery and, if needed, replace it with a new one within an hour. If something is wrong with your battery within the 2-year warranty period, we of course cover the costs.

To remove the battery, please first contact the Ampler Customer Support. If you do not have an Ampler Servicepartner nearby we nonetheless suggest to visit a professional bike shop. In this case we will provide you specific instructions on how to remove the electric bike battery. 

If you need to replace the battery after the warranty period has ended, or if you want to upgrade older Ampler models from 250 Wh to 336 Wh, you can order a new battery directly from Ampler Bikes for ca. 350 €.

How can I remove the battery?

The frame and the battery are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop is able to remove the battery and, if needed, replace it with a new one in under an hour.

To remove the battery, you would have to remove the following in the order given:

  1. remove cranks
  2. remove bottom bracket eccentric
  3. disconnect power panel wires
  4. remove battery together with the motor controller

To remove the battery, you will need specific instructions provided by Ampler Bikes, and professional bicycle maintenance tools. Improper handling may void the warranty.

Ampler e-bike battery care and maintenance

Modern lithium-ion batteries are powerful and durable. But just like every battery, an e-bike battery needs regular care. The Ampler battery life is approximately 600 charging cycles, but you can influence the life cycle positively by taking the right care of it. 

For example, if you store your bike in the basement for the winter, you should not empty the e-bike battery completely beforehand. It is better to keep it at least half charged and check the charge level every two months. 

Another e-bike battery maintenance tip is to store the battery in a dry place that is at least 0°C and protect it from heat and cold. 

How to take care of your e-bike battery?
  • If you do not use your Ampler e-bike regularly and therefore hardly ever need to charge its battery, at least try to charge it every 5 to 6 weeks. In this way you can maintain the highest possible battery capacity in the long term.
  • If the bike is not in use, do not keep it in blazing sunlight or freezing cold over extended periods. Long exposures to temperatures above 30 degrees and below 0 degrees Celsius can have a long-term negative effect on the life of an e-bike.
  • Store the bike in a dry place over the winter – it doesn’t need to be heated, but a temperature below zero degrees Celsius is not recommended.
  • The e-bike battery should be charged indoors (above zero degrees Celsius) and/or in a dry place. Do not keep the charger outside.
  • Beware that when riding your bike in cold weathers, the range and battery capacity are lower than the average. In the short term this is completely normal and won’t affect the battery’s overall state or lifespan.
  • When you finish cycling in the cold, make sure the bike has time to warm up a little before you charge it.

Enjoy your Ampler bike for years to come – thanks to these tips for care and maintenance of your e-bike

If you follow the six steps for care, cleaning and maintenance of your Ampler e-bike, it will be a faithful companion for many years to come. The replacement of wear and tear parts is due at some point for every type of bike – but hardly any other bike deserves such good treatment as an Ampler e-bike.

Does the weather affect the e-bike battery?

The short answer is yes and no. The longer answer is as follows: 

Can I ride my e-bike in winter?

Yes, you can ride your Ampler even in winter. However, leaving your bike in the cold long-term affects the capacity and range of every battery. That is why we advise you to store your bike in rooms over 0°C. 

Can I ride my Ampler bike in the heat? 

Yes, you can generally ride your Ampler in the heat. Since the battery is located in the aluminium frame tube, the alloy acts as a heat sink and cools the battery down while riding. This protects your Ampler e-bike battery from overheating. The battery also has an electronic battery management system. This protects it from extreme environmental influences by switching off the power supply if necessary.

However, we do not recommend storing your bike long-term in temperatures over 30°C.

On very hot summer days it is best to place your Ampler in the shade to protect the battery from excessive heat. 

Can I ride my electric bike in the rain?

Yes, your electric bike can get wet and you can ride your Ampler in the rain without any problems. All electronics are well encapsulated and tested in harsh Estonian winter-weather conditions.

How to take care of the e-bike charger?

Please follow the guidelines below on using the Ampler charger:

  • The charger is designed for indoor use only. Do not expose the charger to rain, snow or elevated temperatures. 
  • Only use the original Ampler charger designated for your Ampler e-bike. Do not use the Ampler charger for other batteries and vice versa
  • Store the charger in a cool and dry place. Always check that the magnetic charging plug and connector are clean. Any electrically conducting particles at the connection can damage the charger or the electrical system of the e-bike. During charging the charger can become moderately hot. 
  • Always place the charger in a well-ventilated place and keep it away from combustible materials. Children should be supervised by an adult when using the product. 
  • This charger must not be disposed of with domestic waste and should be disposed of at an authorized place for recycling electrical appliances. If you want to dispose of your Ampler battery or charger, you can contact us and we handle recycling free of charge.

Battery & Charging

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