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Where is the battery located?

The LG Li-ion battery is integrated into the down-tube of the frame (the largest and longest tube of the frame). The battery is inserted into the frame via an opening below the bottom bracket shell.

Battery capacity

The capacity of the battery is 336 Wh. Our electric system is 48 V, which is higher voltage than most electric bicycles have. This means that at same capacity, Ampler bikes have more range.

Combined with more efficient energy control, our bikes have an average electric range of 70 km with 100% motor support. Lowering the motor support will increase the range up to 100 km.

How to charge the battery?

The battery is charged with the charger, which comes with the bike. The process is similar to charging your laptop – you have to connect the bike with a standard wall power outlet (110 – 240 V AC). The bike has a magnetic connector for connecting to the charger. You cannot remove the battery from the bike for charging, which means that you have to charge the bike next to a power outlet. The charger is not waterproof, so we recommend charging the bike indoors.

How often do I have to charge the battery?

The average range of the electric assist is 70 km, and if you run out of juice, you simply pedal on like you would on a regular bike. Charging the battery from drained to full takes only 2,5 hours. You can connect your charger to any regular power outlet (230 V AC).

What happens when I run out of battery?

After running out of battery power or turning off the assist, you can still ride your Ampler like any regular bicycle.

Battery lifespan

The battery´s healthy lifespan is about 600 cycles, which equals to about 40 000 km. After 40 000 km, the battery still has about 70% of the original capacity left.

Can the battery be replaced?

Yes. The frame and the battery are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop could remove the battery, and if needed, replace it with a new one in one hour. The replacement battery can be ordered directly from Ampler Bikes. The battery is covered with 2 year warranty.

How to remove the battery?

The frame and the battery are designed in such a way that every professional bike shop could remove the battery, and if needed, replace it with a new one in under one hour.

In the following order, you would have to remove the
1) pedals
2) bottom bracket eccentric
3) power panel wires
4) battery together with the motor controller

In order to remove the battery, you will need specific instructions provided by Ampler Bikes, and professional bicycle maintenance tools.

Does weather affect the battery?

The battery is weather-proof. However, keeping the bike outside in the cold will decrease the battery capacity and range. This will not damage the battery nor the battery lifespan. If the temperature rises, the range will be normal again.

See more in How to take care of the bike in winter.

Can the battery overheat?

We do not have any overheating issues with our batteries. That’s because the battery is never used at maximal power. Instead, the bike is operated at a relatively low power usage.

As the battery is in the aluminium frame tube, the alloy acts as a heatsink and safely cools down the battery while riding. Therefore, the battery is protected from overheating. The battery has an electrical battery management system that protects the battery from extremes by shutting down power when needed.


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