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Ampler App and Settings

Firmware Update

Every Ampler has a motor controller – the so-called brain of your bike that provides all the functions of your bike, directing every other part of the electronics system. The motor controller itself is managed by firmware (it’s tech speak for software that controls hardware).

Like most other software, firmware also requires updating every now and then as we’re aiming at providing you with the best possible ride experience.

The firmware is updated via the Ampler app. If you get a notification in your app that new firmware is available, please go to the vehicle settings and update your firmware. Prior to updating the firmware, make sure the battery level is above 25%. To execute the update, place your phone near the bike.

The update is done using Bluetooth, in two steps. The two steps are almost identical and need to be done in a row. This means that after completing the first update, there will be a second update still available – you will also need to complete this. The updates should take about a minute to complete.

If you experience any problems with updating the firmware, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.

Flow A:
1) Turn Bluetooth OFF
2) Turn Bluetooth ON
3) Wait 10 seconds to connect

If there is no connection, start flow B. If the connection is established, check if there is another firmware update available and complete that one as well.

Flow B:
1) Close the Ampler app on the background
2) Go to Bluetooth settings
3) Find the Ampler Bike Bluetooth ID under your Bluetooth devices and click the “Info” button. Press “Forget This Device”
4) Turn Bluetooth OFF and then back ON under settings
5) Open the Ampler app
6) Pair your bike with your smartphone
7) Check if the update is available and complete the update

If any new firmware versions become available in the future, you will be notified within the app.

Where can I get the app?

Download the iOS app from the App Store.

Download the Android app (version 4.4 onwards) from the Play Store.

How does the app work?

In order to fully customize your riding experience, please download the Ampler Bikes app available for Android and iOS from your App Store or Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, switch on Bluetooth, pair your smartphone with your bike, and log in.

You can now use your app to:

  • Navigate and track your rides
  • See your riding history
  • Adjust the motor settings
  • Use the app as a dashboard
Assist modes

The bike has two motor assist modes, which can be fully customized with the Ampler Bikes app. The bike comes with two standard settings:

  • Normal (1) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 100%
  • Boost (2) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 150%

You can switch between these modes either by using the app or the user interface button. To switch between the settings, press the bike’s power button and hold it slightly longer than it takes to turn the lights on (at least 3 seconds) – the button should turn orange after the long press. Now, after releasing the button, it will blink once if it changes to assist mode 1, or twice if it changes to assist mode 2.

You can also change the motor parameters from the smartphone:

  • motor power – increase or decrease your acceleration
  • max assist speed – the speed at which the electric assist stops helping you
  • assist level – how much the motor assists you in proportion to your input
Speed limit

You can change the motor parameters from the smartphone.

You can increase max speed to 25 km/h and nominal power to 250 W.

Ampler App and Settings

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