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Ampler e-bike mobile app

All Ampler e-bikes connect with the Ampler mobile application. The mobile app lets you control your bike’s electronics, track the rides, navigate with built-in maps, check the speed and power and receive updates about your bike’s electronics.

Download links

You can download the Ampler mobile app from:

How does the e-bike app work?

The mobile app for our e-bikes is extremely easy to use. Simply download it and activate your phone’s Bluetooth and switch on your Ampler bike to connect it with it.

You can use the app to: 

  • track your rides
  • see your riding history
  • adjust the motor settings
  • use the app as a dashboard with battery status & speed display
  • turn the lights on/off and switch between assist modes (also possible via the power button)

You can also use the Ampler App to check the battery charge status of your e-bike. You will also receive regular firmware updates for your smart Ampler e-bike and can contact us directly via the app if you have questions.

Which assist modes does the mobile app offer?

Your Ampler bike has two motor assist modes, which you can adapt to your wishes with the mobile app. Your bike has two standard settings:

  1. Normal mode: 25 km/h, 250 W, 100%
  2. Boost mode: 25 km/h, 250 W, 150%

You can switch between these modes by using either the smartphone app or using the power button on your e-bike. 

You can also set other motor parameters from the mobile app, such as:

  • Motor Power: increases or decreases acceleration support
  • Max Assist Speed: defines the speed up to which the motor support takes place
  • Assist Level: controls the support from the motor in relation to your pedalling power

How to update the bike firmware via the app?

Every Ampler has a motor controller – the so-called brain of your bike that provides all the functions of your bike, directing every other part of the electronics system. The motor controller itself is managed by our firmware.

Like most other software, firmware requires updating every now and then. This helps to keep your bike up to date with the latest improvements and give you the best possible ride experience.


Updating the firmware

The firmware is updated via the mobile app. If you get a notification in your app that new firmware is available, please  go to the vehicle settings and update your firmware. Prior to updating the firmware, make sure the battery level is above 25%. To execute the update, place your phone near the bike.

The update is done using Bluetooth on our app, in two steps. The two steps are almost identical and need to be done in a row. This means that after completing the first update, there will be a second update still available – you will also need to complete this. The updates should take about a minute to complete.



If you experience any problems with updating the firmware, please follow the troubleshooting instructions below.

Flow A:

  1. Turn Bluetooth OFF
  2. Turn Bluetooth ON
  3. Wait 10 seconds to connect

If there is no connection, start flow B. If the connection is established, check if there is another firmware update available and complete that one as well.

Flow B:

  1. Close the Ampler app on the background
  2. Go to Bluetooth settings
  3. Find the Ampler Bike Bluetooth ID under your Bluetooth devices and click the “Info” button or similar. Press “Forget This Device” or similar wording, depending on your phone.
  4. Turn Bluetooth OFF and then back ON under settings
  5. Open the Ampler app
  6. Pair your bike with the app
  7. Check if the update is available and complete the update

If a new firmware version is available in the future, you will be notified within the e-bike app. In the meantime, you can check the firmware status in the initial display image: If the firmware is up to date, you will see a corresponding information in the lower part of the app screen.

If you’re still experiencing any issues, please contact our customer service.

Mobile App

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