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About Ampler Bikes

Vision and values

Ampler Bikes was born out of three friends’ needs for having practical and stylish bikes that would be tons of fun to ride with. Being engineers and avid cyclists, the strong drive to create ultimate city bicycles grew into founding Ampler Bikes.

Today, we have a team of fifteen bike enthusiasts serving cyclists around the world. Our mission is to make practical yet beautiful electric bicycles that would make personal transport effortless, fast and comfortable. Every Ampler bike is developed, designed and hand-assembled in Estonia with great attention to detail.

We want you to have a stylish, high-quality electric bicycle for a good price. That’s why we’ve removed all the middlemen and are selling the bikes directly to you.

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Our bikes

Ampler produces sleek and lightweight city bikes for easy commuting. The Curt is a sporty and light bike to tackle the city streets, Stout and Stellar are comfortable city commuter that’s also capable of handling gravel roads in the countryside.

See our models on Bikes Page.

Where are the bikes built?

The bikes are all hand-assembled in Tallinn, Estonia in our workshop to offer the best quality.

Can the bikes be customized?

Even though the bikes are hand-assembled and made to order, they leave our workshop equivalent to their original design to serve their purpose of giving you the most enjoyable riding experience.

The models are only available in their original colors and we do not offer a suspension fork for the bikes.

You can choose accessories according to your needs for the CurtStout and Stellar on our Model pages.

Are the bikes street legal?

The bike is manufactured according to EN15194 regulations and the bikes are street-legal in the European Union. The bike is labeled with EN15194 tag and the motor has a CE marking.

Even though the bikes are capable of a top speed of 35km/h, they are limited to the top speed of 25 km/h by default. This means that the motor will only help you up to 25km/h.

You can increase the top assisting speed up to 35 km/h and the nominal power up to 350 W with the help of your smartphone. By doing that, you will be taking the full responsibility for using the bike in accordance to the legal restrictions in your country’s traffic regulations. Road safety and traffic rules differ within the European Union, Norway and Switzerland. Before use, make sure what your country-specific rules are.

What is the maximum weight load?

The total maximum weight load is 120 kg, including the rider and additional load.

How to switch on the bike?

Simply press the button on the left side of the bike.

The LED light of the power button gives you quick feedback about the battery’s state of charge. Additionally, you can use the button to change the assist levels, or turn the lights on/off. See more in the Ampler Bikes manual.

Ampler Bikes manual

The manual will help you to set up your bike and hit the streets in 10 minutes:

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