Service and Maintenance Centres

Get your Ampler serviced at our official partner locations

Servicing Ampler Bikes

Getting your e-bike serviced at regular intervals keeps it in a good riding condition.

While all professional bike shops can do maintenance on Ampler bikes, we have handpicked and trained a number of bike shops as our official partners.

Services offered by partners

Regular bike maintenance

Warranty repairs*

*Contact Ampler customer support first, if your bike breaks down and requires warranty repairs. They can advise you on the best resolution.

Service and Maintenance Centres

Ampler Showroom Berlin

Kollwitzstraße 47, 10405 Berlin
Opening hours: Tue–Fri: 11-19, Sat: 11-17

Ampler Showroom in Cologne

Severinstraße 111, 50678 Cologne
Opening hours: Tue–Fri: 11-19, Sat: 11-17

Rad Studio München

Am Hollerbusch 18, 81547 Munich
Opening hours: Mon-Tue & Thu-Fri: 10-18, Sat: 10-14

Parrots & Crows

Battonnstraße 4-8, 60311 Frankfurt a. M.
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 11-19, Sat: 12-19

Das Fahrradcafé

Asternstraße 2, 30167 Hannover
Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 10-18.30, Sat: 10-15


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Service and Maintenance Guidelines

Professional maintenance interval

  • 500 km after purchase – first check-up to ensure that everything is working as it should.
  • 3000 km – regular interval for maintaining your e-bike.

Taking care of your bike when using it

  • Clean your bike regularly with soap and water.
  • Check the tyres, brakes and chain.
  • Keep the bolts tight.
  • For full tips, check our maintenance guide

In case your bike breaks down

  • If something on your bike broke down or isn’t working correctly, contact us.
  • Ampler Bikes is the main contact for all defects and will handle the processing of the damage.

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