Financing your Ampler bike flexibly: you choose the rates and the payment period

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Santander instalment credit is a flexible way to manage your payments.

When paying for your Ampler e-bike, you can select flexible rates from 6 to 72 months. No interest will be charged if you pay for it within 12 months.

The monthly instalments are automatically debited by Santander.

Santander financing is available only for customers in Germany.
How it works?
  1. Visit our online shop and choose your Ampler bike.
  2. After clicking the “Order” button, select “Santander Financing” as your payment method.
  3. Enter your details and click on the checkout page.
  4. You will now be redirected to the Santander website.
  5. Choose your preferred rate and repayment period. Make your credit application.
  6. As soon as your financing application is accepted you will receive a confirmation email with details about your purchase and the estimated delivery time.
  7. Your new Ampler e-bike will be delivered to your house. Have fun!

Frequently asked questions

What is Santander Consumer Bank AG?

Santander Consumer Bank AG is one of Germany’s leading consumer credit banks and has been providing financial services for the sales financing of consumer goods for more than 50 years. Thanks to its innovative product ideas and up-to-date funding programmes, the bank was able to further establish itself on the market as a corporation under the brand name of Santander. Santander Consumer Bank AG has over six million customers in Germany. For more information go to

Can I finance more than one item?

Yes, everything in your basket will be covered, but you will not be able to redeem vouchers.

Which requirements must I meet in order to make a financing application?

Basically, financing is available to all persons of 18 years or over who have a permanent address in Germany. Applicants must also have valid personal identification documents or a passport (a current document confirming their main residential address) and a current account held in Germany, as well as a steady income.

Does the buyer and the loan recipient have to be the same person?

Yes, the buyer and loan recipient have to be the same person. The agreement is authenticated when you sign the loan contract.

When will I receive the product I ordered?

Provided your item is in stock, it will be dispatched as soon as your documents have been received, verified and approved by Santander Consumer Bank AG. Taking into consideration the postal service, a delivery approval by Santander usually occurs within two banking days.

Can I cancel my financing application?

The customer reserves the right to terminate the purchase contract once he/she has received the item. If you do not wish to cancel your purchase but would like to change your payment method, you must terminate your financing contract within the time limit. If you terminate the purchase contract, the financing contract automatically becomes void. For more detailed information on the right of withdrawal consult the cancellation policy of the financing contract.

Why is the legitimation check necessary?

Every bank is legally obliged to carry out legitimation checks. This check ensures your own security and verifies your identity as the individual who is applying for financing. Please note: if you are already a customer of Santander Consumer Bank, you will not have to have the legitimation check done again provided you fulfil certain requirements.

What is the PostIdent process (legitimation check) and what does it involve?

The PostIdent process involves the verification of your identity by an employee of Deutsche Post AG. When you print out your financing application, you will receive a PostIdent coupon. You will need to take this coupon to the closest Deutsche Post AG branch, along with your financing application documents and valid personal identification documents or passport (including your registration certificate). A postal employee will take care of everything else for you and will send your signed financing application documents to Santander Consumer Bank. The legitimation will naturally be free of charge.

What is the WebIdent process (legitimation via video chat) and what does it involve?

When you apply for a loan for the first time, you need to have your identity verified. This is either carried out through the VideoID or the PostIdent process. VideoID allows you to carry out the identification easily and conveniently from your own home or on the go, using your computer, tablet or smartphone. Besides carrying out the ID check (verification of identity), your interviewer will check various security aspects. The checks can be run successfully provided you have valid German personal identification documents or a passport, a stable internet connection and an up-to-date browser (e.g. Firefox, Chrome or Opera). After your identity has been successfully verified, you will receive a TAN by SMS or email, which you need in order to conclude the verification procedure.

How do I sign the contract online?

After you have had your identity verified via VideoID, the contract can be concluded in a few more simple steps. The complete contract will first be shown to you and then you should confirm that you would like to sign the contract electronically, by finally requesting a digital certificate. Once you have done this, you should choose a password. You will then receive a TAN by SMS, with which you must activate your certificate no later than five minutes after you receive it. Then, after ticking a few checkboxes, confirm your identity by entering your previously indicated mobile number and chosen password. The final TAN will be sent to you by SMS: type this into the designated box as your legally valid signature. The PDF of the signed contract can now no longer be edited and a digital copy will be sent to you and to Santander Consumer Bank AG. Through this process, we prioritise data protection and data security. Your digital signature is fraud-proof, documentable and encrypted and thus secure enough to replace your personal signature.

What should I do if I am unable to print out my financing application?

Please send an email to and we will send you the documents in the post.

Who is my contact person if I have questions about the application?

If you have questions regarding your financing application, you can contact the Santander E-Commerce Team at 02161 - 690 7680 or, Monday - Friday, 9:00 - 19:00 hrs.

What should I do if I get an error message?

The Santander financing application is only compatible with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. There is no guarantee that it will work in other browsers (e.g. Safari or Google Chrome).


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