Riding Ampler Hawk (predecessor to Curt) since May 2017
Daily ride 16km
Location Northern Germany
Ampler has done what I longed for, namely to bring together function and design.
Maintained bike is a happy bike.

Tell us about yourself.

Although middle-aged, I’d say I’m an open-minded ‘young’ guy. I’m an educated carpenter and civil engineer, and I’m also a writer and a blogger. I’ve always liked to do things my own way, a little bit different than the standard. Learning and experiencing something new each day is my motivation.

What’s your history with cycling?

I’m addicted to bikes and cycling sports since my early youth. I worked as a mechanic as a teenager and as a writer for cycling magazines in my 20s. I’ve also done a lot of racing – triathlons, mountain bike races as well as international long distance tours. I’ve raced in the UK and Prague in the early 90s, and later in Poland and Baltic states. In my mind, a day without cycling is lost.

What’s your experience with Ampler?

It’s a very smooth and gentle ride. Not only is there no ugly, oversized battery pack on the Ampler bike, but it also makes it easy to move the bike without electrical assistance. It’s fun to be on the move with 40, 50 or even 60 kilometers. After I had driven the bike empty, the charging process to the full load took almost exactly 3 hours. The overall concept is convincing.

Riding 16 km per day with an Ampler e-bike.

How does Ampler fit into your life?

Ampler has become my everyday bike. I have completely abandoned my reluctance about e-support. Since I got my Ampler, I cycle more often and also significantly longer distances. Tours of 25 to 40 kilometres are not uncommon anymore – without recalling cycling training in the true sense. The e-bike has become a real means of transport for me, not a sports device.

When I ride my Ampler, people are watching – almost staring. Once I took the Hawk with me on the train. Seemed that everyone was looking at it. And when I got out of the train a young woman said: “Oh is this yours? I wondered all the time – it’s so nice.”

Read more about Frank’s cycling experience from his blog.

Why did you decide to get an Ampler bike?

I thought about trying out an electric bike for commuting but I didn’t like the design, weight and function of any of the bikes on the market. Until I saw Ampler. Ampler has done what I longed for, namely to bring together function and design.

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