Our mission

Creating better commuting experiences.

Why do we build electric bikes in the first place?

Cities force us to spend time stuck in rush hour traffic and looking for non-existent parking spaces. They make us plan our routes and schedules around public transportation stops and timetables. And even if we opt for cycling, we often end up cursing, huffing and puffing when it’s windy, sweat-breakingly warm or hilly.

That is the world Ampler wants to change. We want to create commuting experiences that are better than existing alternatives.

Our electric bikes give you the independence and freedom in cities that exceed any other mode of transport. With Ampler, you’re never stuck in traffic, you’re no longer dictated by public transport schedules or parking spaces, and you remove wind and hills from the equation.

The lack of commuting stress gets every day off to a great start and puts a smile on your face. And you can look at yourself in the mirror with the knowledge that you’re doing good for your health, the environment and your wallet.

Our values

In our quest of creating better commuting experiences, these are the values we follow in every product decision we make.


We remove physical barriers and we bring cycling to more people.


We build products and experiences that are purposeful and emotive.


We take care of the environment, our colleagues, customers and partners.

Lightweight and rust-free aluminium frame

Fully stVZO approved integrated rear LED lights

Fully stVZO approved integrated front light

Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with high braking power

Continental puncture-protected tyres

Precise pedal torque-sensing motor control system

250 W rear hub motor

Integrated LG Li-ion battery

Aluminium frame

We use aluminium frames because they’re lightweight and rust-free, making them weather-proof and easy to lift.

Integrated lights

In urban environments, it’s important to see and to be seen in dark conditions. Because the lights are integrated, you never have to think about forgetting them home, about them getting stolen or about charging them.

Puncture-protected tyres

City streets often have broken bottles and sharp stones that create punctures and flat tyres. To remove that worry, our bikes come with Continental puncture-resistant tyres.

Motor and sensors

We’ve placed the motor into the rear wheel, creating a good weight balance when lifting the bikes and improving the handling. To make the ride smooth, the bike is equipped with a torque sensor that makes the motor assist intuitive and dynamic – the harder you pedal, the more the bike assists you.

Integrated battery

Placing the battery inside the frame is the best use of space, keeping the weight down, protecting the battery from the weather elements and keeping the looks clean.

Stealthy regular bicycle look

No one likes the look of bulky batteries. Additionally, we believe that for daily rides, everyone should simply be able to hop on and go. No need for displays with a bunch of buttons.

Assisted range of 70 km

Enough range for your daily commutes – you’ll never have to worry about running out of battery.

14-17 kg weight

Our bikes are lightweight so that you could pick up and carry them up a flight of stairs if you needed to.

Assist speed of 25 km/h

Fast enough to get you places quickly – and because of electric support, you’re able to keep the speed constantly and without breaking a sweat.

Over-the-air updates

We can keep your bike’s riding qualities on par with the latest improvements we’ve discovered by sending them over-the-air firmware updates.

A mobile app and two assist modes

You have a window into your bike via our mobile app, where you can customise the assist modes. Switching between two of your favourite modes is simply done by holding down the power button for 4 seconds.

Ampler is for you if:

You’re looking for fast door-to-door personal transport.

You want to remove physical barriers from cycling – hills, wind and sweat.

You care about the environment and your health.

Person carrying lightweight Ampler ebike up the stairs
Get to know Ampler

See why people choose Ampler for their daily commute or book a test ride with Ampler and try it out for yourself!

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