Yves is a project manager at an advertising agency in Zurich. He uses his Ampler Curt every day to commute to the office and from one client meeting to another. We met up with Yves to hear his thoughts on cycling, e-bikes and commuting in Zurich rush hour traffic.

On city traffic in Zurich:

I live on a hill just outside the city centre of Zurich, so to get to the office, I have to cross the entire city every day. This is a hassle, especially during the morning and evening rush hour traffic.

I’ve tried every means of transportation — car, motor bike, public transport, regular bicycle — but unfortunately everything was annoying. Bicycle is the fastest way to get around in Zurich in rush hour, but cycling every morning through a hilly city on a regular bike was just too exhausting for me.

That’s how e-bikes entered my life.

Young man riding a bike in city

On commuting on an e-bike:

Shortly after I had decided that I need an e-bike for my daily rides, I borrowed an Ampler bike for a weekend test ride. This was my first time on an electric bike. I was blown! This acceleration and the silent movement without any effort. Sensational!

I’ve now had my Curt for almost a year and I use every day, unless it snows or hails. My commuting behaviour has changed fundamentally. I very rarely use public transport — in fact, I try to avoid them at all. I feel constricted when I have to squeeze myself into a bus or a tram.

My daily route leads me right through the city – often past stationary traffic. During the day I also often need to ride to customers who have offices all around the city.

The way to the office and back have become highlights of the day for me. There is no faster way to get from A to B in Zurich during rush hour than on an e-bike.

For me, being out in the fresh air and letting my thoughts wander are moments of vitality during the day. I don’t think I could experience that on a normal bicycle.

Young man riding Ampler Curt e-bike in city traffic

On cycling:

I love cycling because on a bicycle you perceive your surroundings completely differently.

You often follow the same paths that you usually walk. The changed speed, however, makes the landscape look completely new to you. That and being able to meander silently and quickly through the traffic are for me the beauty of the use of the bicycle, especially in the city.

Young man parking the Ampler Curt e-bike on the street