Marius is an economist, working as a researcher at a University where he strives to accelerate the energy transition. He commutes 20 km on his Ampler Hawk (predecessor to Ampler Curt) since 2017. When he is not focusing on the energy sector, he recharges his batteries by cycling, running, climbing or surfing. We met up with Marius to chat about the importance of cycling.

What’s your history with cycling?

I grew up in a hilly area in Germany, so mountain biking quickly became one of my favourite sports. In my childhood and teenage years, I didn’t see bicycles as a commuting tool — I considered bikes as a tool for sports. But over the recent years, my perception of cycling has changed dramatically.

Today, cycling is my favourite way of getting around in the cities.

To me, a good day means that I get to start and end the day on my bike. My car has become a backup option that I use very rarely, mostly only when I’m feeling a bit sick or when I need to travel longer distances.

ampler hawk ebike

Why did you decide to get an Ampler e-bike?

I was looking for a minimalistic bike with electric assistance. When I came across Ampler, I immediately felt that I want to have one of those for myself.

On my next business trip to Berlin, I booked a test ride with Ampler so I could test the bike between my appointments. I remember riding Ampler on the Brandenburger Tor in Berlin to my meeting. It was raining a lot, but I couldn’t stop smiling! I arrived to the meeting soaking wet because of all heavy rain.

After the meeting, I showed the bike to the person I was meeting with. That’s when he understood why my clothes were so wet — you just cannot resist riding this bike no matter what!

Doesn’t matter if it rains or if it’s cold — I just cannot resist riding my Ampler!

What’s your experience with Ampler?

Riding Ampler is so smooth and comfortable, even when the trailer is attached to the bike and both my kids are sitting in it. The bike is so light and easy to ride that I just use the lowest support possible.

bike trailer attached to ampler ebike

How does Ampler fit into your daily life?

Ever since I bought the Ampler, I cycle a lot more. Before Ampler, I used to choose my bike only for travelling distances up to 5 km. My go-to form of transportation above this short distance was always my car. Now, I almost always choose my Ampler over my car. The distance needs to be at least 10 km for me to even start considering taking the car — and even then, I often end up taking my bike.

Every day, I start my morning on a bicycle. I take my kids to the kindergarten on my Ampler bike and then continue riding to work. In the evening, I ride back home. On average, I ride about 15-20 km per day on the bike.

Photos by Frank Glanert.