Frame Fit & Sizing

Read our tips on how to best determine the right frame for you

How to determine good frame fit?

The charts below show our recommended sizes based on the rider measurements. To have a good estimate, measure the following:

  1. Rider total height
  2. Rider inseam length

Body size
Frame Small (50cm) Medium (54cm) Large (58cm)
Rider height 160-170 170-185 185-200
Inseam length 72-80 80-87 87-94
Frame Medium (55cm) Large (59cm)
Rider height 170-185 185-200
Inseam length 80-87 87-94
Frame Small (48cm) Medium (55cm)
Rider height 155-170 170-185
Inseam length 73-80 80-87

If your height is right in the middle of two frame sizes (e.g. 185 cm) we recommend choosing the smaller frame.

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