Sleek. Light. Fast.

Lightweight at 14kg
Thanks to clever materials and technology, Hawk is as light as a regular bicycle and is light enough to carry up and down staircases.
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Electric assist
The bike’s torque sensor constantly measures how hard you pedal and calculates the level of assist for the electric motor. The motor provides more assist the harder you pedal, and less assist the lighter you pedal. This puts you always in control of the bike and keeps your ride safe.
Battery and range
60 km on one charge
You will reach every place you need with one charge with an average battery assisted range of 60 km. Charging from drained to full takes just 3h.
Smartphone app
Control the electronics
You can ride the bike perfectly even without a smartphone. However, the app lets you:

  • Customise the smart assist
  • See how much range you have left in your battery
  • Navigate with the built-in maps
  • Receive updates on your bike’s electronics