Ampler E-Bike Models

Ampler e-bikes are built for commuting. Go through our bike models and find the
one with the perfect fit for your daily rides.

Raw. Untamed. Fast.

Curt is a fast-moving and bold city charger that stripped of all excess. The athletic and lightweight nature is combined with a sporty geometry, making the ride feel firm and highly responsive – just like a true racer.

Single-speed / 10-speed

14.1 kg

Starting from


Unconditional. Versatile. Unpretentious.

Stout is a strong and versatile modern commuter bicycle that gives you an outstanding ride experience coupled with the support and comfort you expect from a ride-everywhere commuter.

9-gear drivetrain

17.2 kg

70 km range

Starting from


Versatile. Genuine. Unconditional.

Stellar is a modern city commuter, offering you the comfort and flexibility of a citybike, and the exciting and fast electric feel of a 21st century e-bike.

9-gear drivetrain

17.2 kg

70 km range

Starting from


Key features of Ampler e-bikes

‎Smart and safe electric assist

You’re in control: the harder you pedal, the higher the assist.

70 km battery-assisted range

Cover all your daily needs while keeping the bike light.

Battery integrated inside the frame

We all want to ride bicycles, not bicycle-like spacecraft.

Customisable ride assist settings

Our smartphone app gives you the keys to your ride experience, letting you change the motor assist levels.

Test ride our bikes

Try before you buy. We offer test riding at selected locations in Germany and Switzerland.

Free shipping

No hidden costs – we ship free everywhere within the EU, Switzerland and Norway.

Easy maintenance

Our bikes are safely delivered in a box and require minimal assembly. Maintenance is as simple as any other bicycle – every professional bike shop can do it.

14-day return policy

Not happy with your bike? No worries, you can return the bike free of charge within 14 days after receiving it.

  • Excellent

    Great company and great products. Huge fan of Ampler and the bikes they sell - makes riding to work a real pleasure again.

    Matt E.

  • Very satisfied

    Very satisfied with Bike, Service and Delivery. Great value for Money and the lightest Pedelec i know. A real Joy to Ride everyday for my commute.

    Johannes K.

  • I love it

    It is really a wonderful bike and even though I have it for almost a year, I still try to find reasons to bike even longer distances. Very happy and I love the design.

    Christoph N.

  • Ampler is great!

    Bought my Ampler Hawk 2 years ago, have been using it for daily commute since then and it still feels like new. Excellent product.

    Mihkel S

  • Best purchase ever

    Ampler went above and beyond to deliver a first rate product and customer experience.

    Andrew S.

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Frequently asked questions
How do Ampler e-bikes work?

All Ampler bikes are pedelecs - the rider's pedalling is assisted by a small electric motor. The bike has sensors that are constantly measuring your own input and regulating the motor accordingly. The harder you pedal, the higher the motor assist level. This creates a safe and smooth riding experience.

Can the bikes be customised?

Yes, you can choose the frame size and color, and modify your bike according to your needs with the accessories and extras from our offering. See the extras for the Curt, Stout and Stellar.

Where can I test ride the bikes?

You can test Ampler e-bikes in Germany (Berlin, Munich, Frankfurt, Düsseldorf), Switzerland (Winterthur), Austria (Vienna) and Netherlands (Amsterdam). Book your test ride here

You can also test the bikes in our Berlin showroom at Kollwitzstraße 47, or visit us in bike fairs (see upcoming events).

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