700 kilometres, countless sights – that is the most straightforward way to describe the impressive bike path that is the “Herzroute” of Switzerland. Set up in stages and developed for the modern-day with e-bikes in mind, the Herzroute is an amazing way to travel Switzerland. You’ll feel the wind in your hair, but with an e-bike, you won’t feel the wind push you back. 

Are you up to the adventure? Read on to learn why you should visit the Herzroute and why Ampler bikes are a perfect way to experience it.

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Travel light – travel with Ampler.

The origins of the Herzroute

When creator Paul Hasler travelled the United States via bicycle, he became determined to create a bicycle route of his home country of Switzerland. This would bring attention to its beautiful sights and complex cultures. The idea began formulating in 1989 and it would be called the Herzroute, or Heart Route.

Fourteen years later, in 2003, construction began on the route. From very early on, the developers decided to create a route that would be best travelled on an e-bike. And so, they installed electric bike charging stations at many points on the length of the path.

Since then, the Herzroute has proven its success and gained a reputation as a fantastic e-bike adventure to take.

How the Herzroute has met its goals

Hasler wanted the Herzroute to give riders a view of the many breathtaking sights of the country. Today, the route spans 700 kilometres via thirteen stages. Each stage presents new incredible vistas. 

You will see the sights as you:

  • Cross Ruswil Mountain
  • Travel leisurely through historic towns like Zug and Avenches
  • Ride through a verdant vineyard
  • Take in the beauty of Switzerland’s mountain lakes, such as Lake Thun
  • All the while, you will have a view of the Swiss Alps in the background.

The route offers something for everyone. If you are interested in urban travel with an electric bike, The Herzroute is also not far from the exciting cities of Zürich and Bern. Though the route does not pass through the cities, you may choose to take a detour and explore these cities on your trip to Switzerland as well.

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Enjoy Switzerland with all its facets.

Another main goal Hasler had for the cycling route was that it would amplify Swiss culture. The many unique towns that different portions of the route pass through all have charming and intriguing things to offer, from delicious food and impressive historic architecture to comfortable lodgings. Hotels along the route can therefore allow you to make your Herzroute adventure into an extended trip that lasts multiple days.

Finally, Hasler wanted the route to be ideal for e-bikes. This is a goal he certainly accomplished.

Why the Herzroute is ideal for lightweight e-bikes

The Herzroute is best viewed from atop a bicycle. You will have a clear view all around you and feel the wind and sun as you cycle up and down the rolling hills.

Those hills and the wind are good reasons to use a light electric bike instead of a regular bicycle. The motor in your bike frame will give you extra power when you climb hills or ride into the wind. Thanks to this extra boost, you will be able to ride longer and farther without exhausting yourself.

And with charging stations placed regularly all along the Herzroute, you can bring your own e-bike and keep it running smoothly throughout your trip.

Man is riding a swiss hill up in Switzerland

When the way up is getting your favourite part

Here are some reasons to consider choosing a lightweight e-bike like an Ampler bike for your Herzroute journey.

Lightweight frame

A lightweight bike is convenient for many purposes. It is easy to lift and manoeuvre, and comfortable to ride. You may encounter a staircase, requiring you to step off of your bike and carry it up.

All Ampler e-bikes have a aluminium frame, keeping the weight of the bikes relatively low. The single-speed Ampler Curt weighs 13.5 kg, and Stout and Stellar e-bikes weight 17.2 kg. 

Long battery range & short charging time

Ampler bike holds a charge for about 70 kilometres. This is wonderful for the Herzroute because it means you can travel long distances on the route without interruptions if you want to travel far. 

You certainly will not have to worry about running out of battery power on the route, thanks to the combination of charging stations and a long-lasting charge.

When your Ampler e-bike does need a charge, you only need to wait 2.5 hours for your battery to be full again. This is a perfect amount of time to explore a small town or a nature area.

Multi-speed gears

Choosing a bike with a 10-speed gear shift can make your ride even smoother than it already is thanks to the electric motor. You can shift gears when going up or downhill to adjust how hard you need to pedal and to regulate your speed.

Weather-proof frame

An Ampler bike also has the benefit of an aluminium frame which is not only lightweight but also weatherproof. On your ride, you may sometimes find yourself facing rainy weather. The aluminium frame is built to withstand such weather conditions so you can keep riding without feeling concerned about your equipment.

The motor of the Ampler bike is within the frame, giving it extra protection from the elements, as well.

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Get some sunny views with Ampler

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We hope this article has piqued your interest in visiting the beautiful Herzroute.

Ampler bikes are high-quality electric bikes made with care to make your cycling experience the best it can be. If you believe an Ampler may be a good investment for you so you can get full enjoyment out of your trip on the Herzroute, we happily invite you to read more about our bikes to choose the best one for you.