Let’s pause for a moment – a lot has happened in the cycling industry and in the awareness of what tomorrow’s urban transport could look like. We want to give enough space to the topics that are close to our hearts and celebrate the premiere of a new format – Rideout with Ampler

In the video podcast, we talk to people who are shaping the scene. We take new perspectives on what the city of the future could look like and what role Ampler Bikes plays in it.



The story of Ampler – with Ardo Kaurit  

In the first part, we talk with Ardo Kaurit, CEO & co-founder of Ampler Bikes. He can best tell us about the early days of the Ampler e-bikes and how the project started. 

A lot of aspects came together to make Ampler Bikes what it is today. Three founders with an engineering spirit and passion for all kinds of bikes set out to develop the best solution to commute through the city. 

Riding the bikes should feel like riding a classic bicycle and the well-hidden electronics should give that little extra boost. Ardo takes us back to the moment where the first concepts have been created and how they developed over time. 

»The idea of hiding the electronics was deep inside of us in the really beginning.«

To this day, this product-centric approach has remained to give customers the best experience with their bikes – every day. 

Chief Manager Ardo

Ardo Kaurit – CEO of Ampler Bikes, is ready for the interview.

A strategy for the future – with Pärtel-Peeter Pere

In the second part, we talk to Pärtel-Peeter Pere. He is an urban strategist, co-founder of Future Place Leadership and Partnerships Manager at Fyma – making him an excellent talking partner when it comes to the future of our cities. 

First, there was a personal experience – how much life changes positively when cycling becomes a daily rhythm. He developed a stronger relationship with the moment and a clear focus on the here and now with riding a cargo bike. Undoubtedly this experience has been inspiring for many in recent years. 

This growing trend to get on a two-wheeler will permanently change our cities, says Pärtel-Peeter Pere. A look at the statistics shows how far we have already progressed in rethinking and how the smart urban planning of Vienna, Copenhagen and Paris could become the model for many other large cities. 

»The trend of bicycling is absolutely here to stay.«

E-mobility has a huge impact on our society. It creates new spaces of opportunity that are bringing other concepts onto the scene and they revolve around the question: How do we want to live tomorrow? 

Setting of Rideout with Ampler

A comfy environment is already prepared for a good talk.

Amsterdam as a role model – with Jon Woodroof 

The third part is a conversation with Jon Woodroof, who joins us from Amsterdam, the Mecca for cyclists. The founder of Twotone Consulting deals with corporate communications in the cycling industry. You can find himself almost every day on the world’s cycle paths, including Florida and Amsterdam.

As he experienced how well it works in the Netherlands to gear a city more to the needs of people who travel both on foot and by bike, he wanted to make this approach more widely known in the USA as well. 

A city that does not focus solely on automobile traffic and creates more spaces for pedestrians and cyclists becomes friendlier for children and adults, healthier, more sustainable, safer and more vibrant.  

»The Bicycle ultimately is just the most practical solution for transportation.«

A big thanks to Ardo Kaurit, Pärtel-Peeter Pere and Jon Woodroof for the great interview. Now check out the first episode of Rideout with Ampler for yourself.