E-bikes are becoming more and more present on the streets of Europe. They are faithful companions in everyday urban life and a lot of love is put into their care. It is advisable to have an inspection once a year to always maintain the best riding experience.

Now and then, a repair or maintenance needs to be carried out, and bringing in experienced professionals is the best thing that can happen to your e-bike.

Among mechanics

The profession of bicycle mechanics therefore has a flourishing future. We are also currently looking for experienced bicycle mechanics and want to give you an idea of what life is like as a mechanic at Ampler. 

With high-quality products, it is especially important to have a competent service at your side. Your e-bike is in good hands with our team of mechanics. They are directly on-site, in the showrooms in Berlin, Cologne and also directly in the factory in Juri, Estonia. They will support you with all your bike-related questions and issues. 

Closeup from the backwheel with some hands reapairing the gears

Your E-bike is in good hands.

For support in other cities, Ampler Bikes works hand in hand with various service partners. This means that good advice is never far away and customers can look forward to high-quality service in their vicinity. 

We met up for a chat with Jerome, one of the Ampler bike mechanics from the Ampler showroom in Cologne. He has been working for Ampler Bikes since June 2020. Not least because of the pandemic and the change of urban mobility to sustainable concepts, he switched to the e-bike sector. It also allowed him to combine his affinity for electromobility and the world of bicycles. 

A typical day

There is no such thing as a »typical« day, says Jerome. The days as a mechanic at Ampler vary in a nice way. The general tasks revolve around servicing customer bikes, such as inspections and handling warranty claims. 

As an additional service, the team offers a specially developed bike wash. The bikes are cleaned to a high shine before being repaired, which both simplifies the work and leads to particular joy among the customers when they take delivery. This can also be seen in the Google reviews

Besides, there are regular Zoom meetings and daily exchanges with colleagues via Slack. Ampler Bikes is a sustainable and modern company that relies on modern communication at all levels.

Ampler Mechanic and Ampler Curt

Working on the bikes requires a lot of attention to detail.

On the way to work with Ampler 

Another aspect that makes work enjoyable is commuting to work every day on a bike. Jerome says the Ampler bikes combine the positive features of a bicycle with the advantages of an e-bike. Mountainous routes are much more pleasant to master. 

That’s why he leaves his car behind more and more often. Without traffic jams, the time spent commuting to work can be better planned and, in addition, one gets exercise in the fresh air. 

Quality at the forefront 

What should you look for when you start as a mechanic at Ampler Bikes? Jerome advises that you should have a strong connection to quality over quantity right from the start. Since Ampler Bikes manufactures e-bikes themselves and the Ampler mechanics specifically take care of the customers’ bikes, there is enough focus to be fully dedicated to the customers’ satisfaction. 

Also, you should be able to keep a clear head in stressful situations and display an active “screw it – let’s do it” attitude, says Jerome. 

Two mechanics of Ampler

Trust in a strong team.

It is good if you want to achieve something together with the team. That’s where the aspect of pleasant cooperation and the passion for the cause itself come together. The more you put yourself out there, the more you can shape things yourself.

Passion and vision 

If you feel addressed, have a passion for two-wheelers and want to become part of a great team, we would be happy to hear from you. Then you can also get to know Jerome personally.