In February, we were notified of two broken forks for the Curt. Upon inspection, we discovered a quality issue with two batches of shipments by our fork manufacturing partner.

We tracked the bikes which were installed with forks from those shipments and issued a recall for the bikes. We will exchange the forks for the bikes and inspect the rest of the bike for any potential structural consequences to ensure rider safety.

Altogether, 52 customer bikes were issued a recall. These customers have been contacted directly.

We immediately reported the quality issue to the fork manufacturer who subsequently identified and fixed the problem in their production. We have inspected all previous and subsequent shipments for the issue and we can confidently state that the problem was limited to the two batches of shipments.

Ampler has built robust quality checking and improvement processes both internally and with our partners. We strive to share issues that arise with our products transparently with the public so that we would always be accountable for our bikes.

We stand behind our products so that you can trust them to make your commutes and trekking rides better.

We’re sorry for this inconvenience. For any additional questions, please reach out to us via

– Ampler team