The pedal cycle traffic has increased by 16.4% over the last ten years according to the United Kingdom Department for Transport. This uptake of biking is great news for the environment and traffic!

There are so many benefits to cycling for your commute and in your free time, but we often see more solo bikers than groups or families.

Parents often worry that it will be too much trouble to fit everything they need for themselves and their child. Thanks to lightweight e-bikes with compatible child seats and trailers, the switch to a two-wheeler is especially easy. 

Hesitant about riding with kids?

We get it. Living in a fast-paced city, keeping up with a demanding job or two, and taking care of your kids all at once is a hard reality for many. You may have a solid routine that works just right for you to be able to get everything done, but ask yourself this question: Is it only okay, or is it great? 

Time spent in bumper-to-bumper traffic during urban commuting is taken time away from your family and your health. Being bound to car travel might be making your life much more difficult and unpleasant than it has to be! Riding a bike instead, both alone and with your family, is a great way to alleviate so many problems.

Girl with Ampler Bike in the traffic

Cycle with the right equipment.

Most inexperienced bikers aren’t fully aware of all the options for bike attachments that can aid in biking with your family. You might not have the time to deep dive into research or go shopping. 

Many people also aren’t fully confident about being able to ride a bike with added attachments. Some worry about weight and balance issues with an added child bike seat or an attached bike trailer. It’s a new experience to be towing something behind you through traffic and bike lanes.

Finally, parents worry about towing their children behind them without an easy way to keep an eye on them. It can be hard to turn around and look behind you on a bike or be able to hear your children in noisy traffic.

Luckily, there are some quick and simple ways to solve these concerns and make riding with your kids an enjoyable experience!

Riding with kids safely

Due to the increased popularity of cycling, bike technology has improved greatly. Bikes have been modified to assist in issues with safely towing extra weight, including children, in difficult routes.

Bikes have become more lightweight and include many gears and speed options, allowing for easy mobility and assisted riding. The lightweight Ampler e-bikes are fully compatible with a child seat and a bicycle trailer. You can easily attach them when you need them. 

Putting on a trailer on an e-bike

Attaching the trailer is super easy.

These e-bikes are also highly compatible with a child seat or a bike trailer. You can add these attachments easily when you need them with no need to worry about if you’ll get too tired during your route.

Your bike trailers can also evolve with your needs. Attach a trailer to your light e-bike to have your children ride behind you, and then detach the trailer and use it as a stroller or way to transport your children if they’ve fallen asleep during the ride.

If you’re worried about being able to keep an eye on your children, child bike seats can be a better option. Having your child closer behind you can help you hear them better and bring them closer to your eye-line. You can also add bike mirror attachments that allow you to see behind you, even if your children are in your bike trailer.

As a parent, you’ll always worry about your children’s safety, but practising riding with a seat or trailer will help you prepare. You can get used to the added weight and balance issues of having attachments by practising riding with them in a safe route without your children.

You’ll be a pro in no time!

The benefits of riding with kids

The advantages of including cycling in your lifestyle as a busy urban parent are innumerable. Biking for your commute can help you get your exercise in during your workday and help you avoid traffic so you can get to work and back home faster. It also saves you money and improves your mental health!

These benefits don’t end with riding solo. You can use that extra time and money you saved on your daily commute to improve your family’s life as well.

Woman riding an Ampler Bike with her kid

Even if it’s cloudy get some time outside.

Get Some fresh air

Starting your kids with riding bikes at an early age can set them up for a lifetime of advantages. When they are really young, you will probably be riding with them in a child bike seat. Instead of constantly sitting in a car or inside, your child will get a lot of fresh air and exposure to nature. 

It has been proven that time spent in nature benefits mental and physical health, even if your child falls asleep during the ride. Even in an urban environment, riding through parks and seeing some trees can greatly improve mood and stimulate the mind.

Exposure to the community

Locked up inside a car, encased in windows, and rolling through streets quickly means that you and your children are physically and mentally removed from your neighbourhood. We often go from home to car to building without thinking about what we’re missing. 

Riding and walking through your streets helps you to slow down, take in what your community has to offer, and gives you a greater opportunity to say hello to your neighbours. Children especially benefit from this socialization and connection with their area.

Womn with a child on a play field next to her Ampler Bike

A cycling tour to the playfield is double fun.

Much-needed family time

Riding with your kids is a great way to get that family time that you often lack because of work and errands. It’s a fun and different activity that can help you bond with your children while you all enjoy the benefits of cycling.

Cycling also helps you save money that you can put towards other family experiences. That extra change you saved on gas can go towards a bigger trip or lessen the financial burdens that keep you from enjoying time with family.

Bikepacking holidays

All-inclusive trips to far-away places can be luxurious and tempting, but can be expensive and aren’t always great for our environment. It can also be hard to find time off of work and difficult to include small children. Bikepacking is a great concept that is growing in popularity for busy parents with small children who need a holiday.

Bikepacking is when you take a trip that is centred around cycling and can include anything from an easy ride to a difficult all-terrain trip. You can use your child bike seat and bike trailers to bring your children and pack for the trip, all while saving gas and enjoying the outdoors.

There are a lot of great resources for bikepacking ideas and advice to get started. You can finally visit take weekend trips to the nearby lake or campground that you’ve been curious about while staying on budget and being in control of your timeline.

Get The quiet you need

Are you struggling to get your children to settle down so you can get work or chores done? Sometimes, kids just need some fresh air and a relaxing ride to work out extra energy and doze off.

If you can’t get them to take a nap or calm down, riding with your kids can have the same effect as a long car ride on an infant. Try taking them out for a while to let them doze off, and then let them stay in their trailer so you don’t need to wake them up.

Woman with Child and Ampler Bike

Cycling is healthy and energizing.

Use cycling for healthy habits

When they are young, you’ll be towing your children along in a bike seat or trailer. If you make cycling with your kids a part of your family life, it will become a healthy habit you can instil in them as they get older. Once they can start riding on their own bike, it will become a positive experience that they will want to continue enjoying.

Cycling is a great form of exercise that also benefits other areas of your life, so it’s easy to find time for it. Your children will get a healthy amount of exercise if they continue to bike with your or their friends. It can also stimulate brain growth and help with their education.

Giving your children a healthy habit like cycling will be a positive experience in the present and help avoid issues down the road with physical and brain health!

Sustainability education

We all want to care for our environment, but modern-day life often leaves us without accessible options to do so. Bikes are not a new technology, and the concept of cycling is already widely accepted and made safer every day with new laws. Cycling is a great actionable way to benefit our environment and instil sustainability values in our children.

Making bikes a part of our lifestyle can help us pass down habits that are great for our environment and leave the world a better place for generations to come. When we make cycling a normal and positive experience for our children, we can use it as a way to teach them about the environment and how we can care for our planet.

Young woman with child and Ampler Stellar E-Bike

Explore together with your child in a sustainable way.

Light e-bikes and child attachments

If you’re ready to start riding with kids, it’s easy to get started finding the right bike and attachments for your needs. With Ampler bikes, there are three bike options that are compatible with many different seats and trailers. When it comes to e-bikes, you can choose:

Curt is a lightweight city bike (from 13,4 kg) that adds speed to your daily rides. It is a sporty bike that’s great for urban people on the go and comes in single-speed or 11-speed.

Stout is a flexible bike for longer commutes and comes with some more items (17,1 kg). It is a lightweight bike that allows you to sit more upright and has 9 speeds.

Stellar is a low-step option and very comfortable for commutes or longer rides in the city (17,1 kg) and is as well very light. It has an upright position 9-speed bike and has a step-through frame that makes it easier to mount.

Because the e-bikes are battery-charged with motors, your commutes will become less strenuous and more enjoyable. This goes especially for rides with your kids. As for safety, these bikes also come with integrated lights and reflectors as well as mudguards.

Ampler sells an adapter for their light e-bikes so you can attach many different trailers. This adapter is compatible with most of the Thule, Croozer, and Burley trailers.

If you want a different trailer, you can contact the manufacturer for another thread size. The Ampler attachment is made to work with hitches made for M10.

Attaching a trailer

With Ampler bikes and adapters, you can be sure that your child is snug and secure for your trip. Children love to ride around the city, park, and neighbourhood in their own little cart. But how do you attach the trailer to your bike?

Once you have the correct adapter and trailer, follow these steps:

  1. Take off the left side rear drop-out nut while keeping the black washer on the axel.
  2. Put the adapter onto the axel and use a 19mm wrench to tighten.
  3. Take off the top bolt on the adapter using a 13mm wrench while leaving the two silver washers on the adapter.
  4. Fasten the trailer to the adapter with the bolt.

Make sure that you are buying the right trailer to fit you and your child’s specific needs. Remember that in order to legally cycle with a trailer attached, the trailer must have a working rear light!

Mother is taking care of her child next to an Ampler Bike

Get ready. The cycling season has started.

Start a cycling tour with kids

Your kids and the environment will thank you for choosing cycling as a part of your lifestyle. You will not regret investing in a sturdy and powerful bike and the attachments needed to start riding with kids. 

If you decide to buy an Ampler e-bike, you can also relax and pay interest-free throughout the year – with Splitit. With the new payment service from Ampler Bikes, you get more out of the month – without credit checks, paperwork or registration. 

The cycling season has just started. Not only the children are happy about this.