Ampler Challenge

Ampler Challenge is a project where Ampler supports three persons in embarking on a bike adventure of up to 1,000 km.

Think of it as the longest bicycle test ride on the planet. You choose the route and we give you a bike to make it happen (you get to keep the bike).

We also provide ride-related support, including accommodation.

Throughout the route, you’ll also be asked to reflect on how it’s going and how the bike performs – just like during a regular test ride. Only this one is a little longer than usual.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Ampler Challengers 2019

First off, our sincerest thank you for your enthusiastic response to the Ampler Challenge, and for submitting the application! We’re positively overwhelmed with all the reactions to the challenge. We received an incredible number of applications with so many inspiring and heart-wrenching stories in them that attempting to find the official challengers has been an emotional journey for the Ampler team. This year’s Ampler Challengers are:


  • Andrew T. — UK to Iona, Scotland (965 km)
  • Thomas O. — Schmalkalden to Hiddensee, Germany (850 km)
  • Rebecca and Ian — Palermo to Pompei, Italy (700 km)



PS! The challenge doesn’t end here!

The huge response to this challenge displayed that all of us have a willingness to go on an adventure. We only need a small kick to set ourselves in motion. It also showed that cycling long distances over many days is not only for ultra-athletes – ANYONE can and should challenge themselves.


This is why we have decided to roll the Ampler Challenge into a yearly programme that promotes everyone – not just athletes – on getting on bikes and challenging themselves for 1000 km.


We will publish full details with information on how to participate in a few weeks on this webpage and via e-mail to everyone who submitted their challenge. Stay tuned!