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Great ride accompanied by a classic look.


Great ride accompanied by a classic look.

Bilberry is an elegant and comfortable town bike that combines a great ride with a classic look. It’s a trustworthy companion for your daily rides, making them something to look forward to. The aluminium frame is built to be sturdy and rust-proof yet keeping the bike light enough to lift and carry.

Key features

Lightweight at 17 kg (37 lbs)

Thanks to clever materials and technology, Bilberry weighs only 17 kg and is light enough to carry up and down staircases.

70 km on one charge

You can bike for 70 kilometres on one charge. If you get out of battery, it only takes up to three hours to charge the batteries from flat till full.

Smooth and quiet pedal assist

By regulating how hard you pedal, you control the extra oomph. This means you will always have control over the bike.

Control over electronics via a smartphone app

Ampler Bikes smartphone app lets you adjust acceleration, the speed at which the assist stops helping, and how much the motor assists you in proportion to your input.

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