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Battery life

60 km on one charge

You will reach every place you need with one charge with an average battery assisted range of 60 km. Charging from drained to full takes just three hours.


Smooth pedal assist

The smart microchips constantly measure the torque you apply when you pedal. This information is passed on to the motor which applies the same amount of electric assist.

By regulating how hard you pedal, you control the extra oomph. This means you will always have control over the bike.

Skip the middleman

Why our bikes are so affordable

With great attention to detail, each bike is crafted in our cosy bike studio in Tallinn and then shipped all over Europe to serve their proud owners.

Ampler bikes are exclusively sold at our online store which means you can have unbeatable value for your money and direct customer support.

Smartphone app

Control the electronics

To fully customize your riding experience, you can use the smartphone app to:

  • Configure the electric assist
  • Receive updates on your bike's electronics
  • See how much range you have left in your battery
  • Navigate with the built-in maps

Ordering and assembly

Easy ordering and simple assembly

Free shipping and returns

No hidden costs – we ship free everywhere within the EU, Switzerland and Norway. And if you’re not happy with your new bike, you can return it free and get a refund within 14 days of receiving it.


Easy maintenance

Our bikes are safely packaged in a box and require minimal assembly. Maintaining an Ampler bike is as simple as maintaining any other bicycle – every professional bike shop can do it.


21-day delivery

Order now and get your customized bicycle assembled and delivered to your door in just three weeks.


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