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Ampler App and Settings

Where can I get the app?

Download the iOS app from the App Store.

Download the Android app (version 4.3 onwards) from the Play Store.

How does the app work?

In order to fully customize your riding experience, please download the Ampler Bikes app available for Android and iOS from your App Store or Play Store.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, switch on Bluetooth, pair your smartphone with your bike, and log in.

You can now use your app to:

● Navigate and track your rides
● See your riding history
● Adjust the motor settings
● Use the app as a dashboard


What are the assist modes?

The bike has two motor assist modes, which can be fully customized with the Ampler Bikes app. The bike comes with two standard settings:

● Normal (1) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 100%
● Boost (2) – 25 km/h, 250 W, 150%

You can switch between these modes either by using the app or the user interface button. To switch between the setting, press down the bike’s power button and hold it slightly longer than it takes to turn the lights on (at least 3 seconds) – the button should orange after the long press. Now after releasing the button, it will blink once if it changes to assist mode 1, or twice if it changes to assist mode 2.

You have the option to change the motor parameters also from the smartphone:

● motor power – increase or decrease your acceleration
● max assist speed – the speed at which the electric assist stops helping you
● assist level – how much the motor assists you in proportion to your input

How does the motor assist work?

The bikes have automatic electric assist – the bike is constantly measuring how hard you pedal and regulates the torque using that information. You can change the motor settings from the smartphone application when you’re connected to your bike via Bluetooth.

Can I change the speed limit?

You have the option to change the motor parameters from the smartphone.

You can lift the max speed up to 35 km/h and nominal power to 350 W, but by doing that you will be taking the full responsibility for using the bike on public roads.

Can I change the battery range?

The average range of 70 km is calculated with the 250 W and 25 km/h assist mode.

Lowering the motor support will increase the range up to 100 km. At full power and speed (35 km/h) you will experience a range between 40 and 50 km with one charge.

The extended range with a lighter battery is possible thanks to the high-quality LG battery, the light weight of the bike, and the efficient control technology of the motor.

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